Free delivery within Germany.
For a limited time only, free worldwide delivery on all orders.

The shipping costs for the respective destination country will be displayed during the order process for orders from abroad. For countries not included in the selection, please send a request to

Delivery Time:

Country/Region Estimated Delivery Time in Days
Germany 1 - 2
UK/Europe 2 - 3
Europe(non-EU)* 2 - 3
USA/Canada* 3 - 4
Mexico* 5
Middle East* 3 - 4
Asia* 4 - 5

*Deliveries to those regions/countries with €1.000+ value need to be custom cleared. This can add one more day.


If you select the prepayment option, please first transfer the entire amount to our account. We will ship the goods after payment has been received. Our confirmation e-mail will contain all of the information necessary for the transfer of funds. Please understand that we can reserve the goods only for seven working days. Your payment must be received within this time. Unfortunately, once this deadline passes we have to cancel your order.

Credit Card

If you decide to pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express), you will first be asked to enter your personal information and credit card number on a form. These will then be transmitted to the payment processor via a secure connection. The bank checks the transaction data as well as your line of credit within seconds and transmits the results of the check to the seller. If the results are positive, the agreed amount is charged to your credit card.


PayPal is an easy and safe way to pay for your purchases - without entering your banking information or credit card number, because your information is stored in your PayPal account. All you need to do is set up a PayPal account at


We will credit you with the return amount as quickly as possible after receiving your return shipment.