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A natural lift - the quick-acting, long-lasting solution for fresh, youthful-looking skin.


Dr. Barbara Sturm's office in Düsseldorf specializes in state-of-art, non-operative aesthetic treatments and molecular anti-aging medicine. Our work focuses on wrinkle treatments, non-surgical facelifts and mesotherapies via injection as well as treatment with the body's own active substances.

In order to understand how we work here and what we offer, you must first know this: We believe that "everyone is beautiful."

"A person's beauty is based on their naturalness. We see our job as underscoring this naturalness."

Our work method and our treatment concepts are therefore oriented to those who do not want to change their individual appearance but to refresh and rejuvenate it. It is important to us that your personality and naturalness aren't lost in the treatment process. Our state-of-the-art treatments effectively underscore your best features to enhance your positive charisma and outward appearance.

Unfortunately, the natural aging process often causes unwanted changes. Side effects such as dark rings under the eyes or hanging corners of the mouth can have a negative impact on our sense of well-being and dim our natural radiance.

You can efficiently combat these effects with our help - using the latest gentle, non-surgical scientific therapies and procedures.

Your face is beautiful - there is no reason to make dramatic changes to it.

Skip going under the knife, post operative pain, anesthesia and time missed from work. Instead, keep your natural radiance and highlight your best features. Our state-of-the-art procedures and minimally invasive techniques provide results that will leave you satisfied immediately following treatment.

Beautiful in minimal time – improve your quality of life right away. Thanks to the latest scientific high-end procedures.

One example of our innovative procedures is the "Scaddle Lift" method developed by Dr. Sturm herself. It immediately rejuvenates your facial expression in a harmonious and holistic manner. In this method, as in nearly all forms of therapy we offer, the body's own proteins are used as natural healing substances for regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin. The body's own active substances harvested from the blood are optimum for enabling patients to use their own natural ability to heal without the stress of introducing foreign substances.

Always perfectly tailored to you - individual advice and support.

No matter what concern you come to us with, we examine your personal needs and wishes in detail and offer you custom-tailored treatment methods that ultimately all have on common goal: enhancing your well-being and your personal quality of life!

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Dr. Barbara Sturm Praxis




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