Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a seperate eye cream?

No you don't. The high-quality ingredients and combination of our creams are designed so that no additional eye cream is necessary. The skin around the eyes is especially delicate and thin, meaning the eye area is often more sensitive to external stimuli than other parts of our face. Separate eye creams are often recommended in particular because many skincare creams contain spreading oils or irritating substances that are not suitable for the area around the eyes. But shouldn't the cream itself be gentle to the face and highly compatible with the skin? We certainly think so. We would not recommend creams that burn, iritate the eyes and cause allergic reactions for the face. Our EYE CREAM is especially recommended if your eye area requires - besides nourishing care - targeted aid for specific eye problems such as puffiness or swelling.

Is the Dr. Barbara Sturm skincare tested on animals?


What are purslane and skullcap and how do they work?

The main active ingredients in the series, purslane and skullcap, medicinal plants from Central Europe, are rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients and have incredible regenerative potential on the cellular level. Purslane contains high levels of omega-3 acids, otherwise found only in fish oil, and is rich in glutathione, a natural antioxidant system. Both plants are genuine powerhouses. When used either internally or externally, they protect our cells from harmful environmental influences and pamper them with nutrients. They promote healing and regeneration. The vitality and viability of the fibroblasts (cells in the tissues responisble, among other things, for collagen synthesis) are demonstrably increased. This takes place via specific induction (activation) of the enzyme telomerase, which ensures that the genes in the fibroblasts can be read longer, thus protecting them against degeneration.

Both plants have a long history of tradition that almost faded into obscurity until recent research discovered that they contain natural substances highly effective in the field of anti-aging.

At what age should I start using anti-aging skincare?

The first signs of skin aging appear in our twenties. Genetics are not the only factor to play a role here: environmental influences and personal lifestyle are important as well. The Dr. Barbara Sturm skincare products are not just reactive, their primary function is preventative - protecting and strengthening the sensitive cell membrane. We should already begin protecting our skin from aging while we are very young!

„My daughter is 15 and already using the creams I developed! Why should she use something of a lesser quality? One is never too young for sensible skincare."

Dr. Barbara Sturm

How long will a jar of Face Day Cream Women last and does the cream expire at some point?

A jar of Face Day Women generally lasts about ten weeks.
After being opened, the cream is good for nine months.

Do the products contain perfumes?

No, the products contain no fragrances.

Which skincare concept is right for my skin?

The skin is the only organ that we continually care for! We tinker on our skin with creams, masks, serums and even lavish procedures. Yet our skin has its own self-conditioning and healing mechanisms. These also come into play, by the way, when our skin is stressed by too much care! For this reason, "less is more" here as well, but one should pay attention to quality and use only the best when choosing what that "less" should be. "The "best" means, among other things, no mineral oils or fragrances and as few preservatives as possible. It is important to free the skin of dirt and impurities - it is therefore imperative to wash your face regulary both mornings and evenings. Cleansing is especially important before going to bed at night. A gentle peeling should be performed once a week to remove dead skin cells. The skincare cream should be applied to the entire face, including the eye area, after morning and evening cleansing. Nothing else is needed for optimum skincare!

We also recommend our Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules on trips and as a special deep therapy treatment. These are genuine moisture boosters and worth their weight in gold as a source of hydration. A genuine "must-have" on plane trips. They are also a great tip prior to an evening out, leaving the skin radiant. These ampoules are guaranteed to supply your skin with adequate moisture on a regular basis!

I am scared of surgery, but I have an important event to attend in a few weeks and want to look fantastic. Is there anything that can perform a little "miracle" on my face?

Hyluronic Acid Ampoules are designed for exactly those occasions when you want to freshen up your face immediately. Their intensive active ingredient concentrate made from pure hyaluronic acid and highly regenerative purslane ensures a smoother and suppler complexion. Hyaluronic acid is an intensive moisturizing treatment with an immediate refreshing effect. It also causes small lines to disappear.

When can I expect visible results?

If you follow my philosophy, you will see a notable difference in just a few days. Beautiful skin naturally requires the appropriate lifestyle in the sense of a healthy diet, enough water, regular detoxification - the hands should never be placed on the face, unless they are freshly washed!

How long should I use the Living Skin care series before I can tell if it is right for me?

Our skin goes through one regeneration cycle every 21 to 28 days, i.e. approximately once a month. During this time, all visible skin layers are worn away and new ones come to the surface. Your skin is detoxified during the first and second week in which you use our skincare program. During this phase it may appear slightly mottled and you may have a few pimples or light acne. Believe me, this is no reason to worry and is completely normal. It is proof that your skin is being thoroughly cleansed and that the products are working as they should. During the third and fourth week of use you should notice that your complexion appears even, radiant and fresh.


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