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What face cream for men?

Male skin needs care, just like the skin of women. However, that does not mean that the facial skin of men needs the exact same care. Male skin is stressed a lot more through daily shaving. Day and night creams for men have to be composed in a way, so they maintain, refresh and relax the male skin optimally. When it comes to care products like for example peeling, cleansing foam or hyaluronic acid treatments, men and women can resort to the same products.

The male skin shows some differences to female skin

  • Male skin is thicker
    Male skin is naturally thicker than the skin of women, the difference being about 24%. This difference also applies for facial skin. The skin is sturdier, thus the light day cream for men of Dr. Sturm is also suitable as night cream.
    A disadvantage of thicker skin is the fact, that men’s skin can form deeper wrinkles than women’s. Regular, high-quality facial care can minimize this risk. Power-active agents like of purslane (portulak) counteract skin ageing.

  • Men have firmer connective tissue
    Thus, the skin of men is tighter and firmer than the skin of women until the age of 30. But then the skin starts aging faster – and at this point at the latest men should start with skin care.

  • Male skin contains more collagen and elastin
    The moisturizing collagen degrades, just like for women, in the course of life. In the case of men, starting at the age of 40, this happens even faster than for women.

  • Men have many sebaceous- and sweat glands
    The glands provide a good protection on the facial skin through increased production of fat. Thus, it is optimal for many men to use our day cream also as night cream.
    However: Male skin has a disposition to uncleanness and acne, which is why men should not use creams with too much fat. Important however is a moisturizing face cream because men loose a lot of moisture due to the large amount of sweat glands. Furthermore, ingredients that have an anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect are optimal.

  • Shaving is extremely demanding for male skin
    The daily shaving is a great burden for the facial skin. The skin is being irritated and it is deprived of further moisture through shaving. The face cream for men of Dr. Barbara Sturm has therefore been designed to have a strong relaxing, balancing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

Tips for male facial care

Resulting from the above-mentioned factors, men should definitely not neglect their skin. Nurturing face creams for men are very important, but they have to be composed differently then those for women. Ingredients that are made for the female skin irritate and oversaturate male skin. On the other hand, male skin needs more moisture with increasing age as replacement for the missing collagen and the decreasing connective tissue.

The optimum caring program for men:

  • Cleaning with a mild cleansing product in the morning and in the evening
  • Shaving gel or the like and aftershave without unnecessary additives
  • Facial care with a day cream especially for male skin in the morning
  • Either using the day cream or, for very demanding skin, a rich night cream for men in the evening
  • Once a week a face peeling

Dr. Barbara Sturm has developed a day- and a night cream especially for male skin. Lots of moisture, excellent compatibility and power-active agents against skin ageing: Grant your skin exactly the care it needs.

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