Effects of an anti-aging cream

The term anti-aging generally means a deceleration of aging processes. Anti-aging measures are meant to slow down or lessen the aging of organs, bones and joints, the aging of the brain and the aging of skin. Holistic anti-aging starts early with lifestyle and nutrition, ideally results of gene diagnostics are taken into account to determine hereditary particularities or weaknesses or the organism and purposefully optimize bodily functions, metabolism and enzymatic processes. This helps the body to stay young and healthy.

A large area of anti-aging is the skin, especially facial skin, since skin shows the aging of humans, which starts at the age of 25, most clearly. Skin ageing is influenced by biological age as well as negative environmental influences like for example solar radiation, which acts on you in the course of a life. For skin as an organ, the biological ageing means that the regeneration of cells slows down and less moisture can be stored. Therefore, the skin gets thinner and drier, first wrinkles form.

Good anti-aging creams counteract the skin ageing on multiple levels. They provide more moisture on and in the skin. They slow down the skin ageing by regenerating and activating skin cells. Moreover, an effective anti-aging cream should protect against UV-rays, free radicals etc. Anti-aging in the context of skin has the effect of smoothing already existing wrinkles and prevents the forming of new ones.

High-quality skin care must not just start at an old age. The skin (and especially the exposed facial skin) should be cared for at every age, to keep the skin moist and to protect it against damaging influences. Men as well are advised to care for their skin early on. Male skin needs different care than female skin – especially anti-aging products for men provide male skin with everything they need.

Anti-aging cream with portulak and skullcap

Modern anti-aging creams combine different active agents to maintain the skin on multiple levels. Effective creams compensate the lost fluid in the skin, reactivate skin cells and protect the skin against damaging influences on the surface.

The facial care of Dr. Barbara Sturm represents a unique combination of active agents: the natural ingredients purslane (portulak) and skullcap activate the cells even in deeper layers of the sin. Furthermore, they detoxify the skin and restore lost elastic force

How exactly is the anti-aging effect of Dr. Sturm’s facial care created? The active agents of portulak activate the production of the enzyme telomerase. This enzyme “works” in the skin, directly on the chromosomes. Telomerase prevents the dying of the ends of the chromosomes, a process, which is a major contribution to skin ageing. If this process is stopped or slowed down, the skin stays firm and juvenile for a longer time. Currently, only the facial care of Dr. Sturm offers this unique effect as anti-aging cream.

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