What are fillers?

What is hiding behind the term “filler”? More terms in this context are “augmentation materials” or “implants”.This is about materials like hyaluronic acid, which are used for injections. Thereby wrinkles are filled and gently made to disappear. Thus, as part of wrinkle treatment, a face can regain freshness and juvenile expression.

The filler hyaluronic acid

The most frequently used filler is cross-linked hyaluronic acid of different viscosity. This type of hyaluronic acid is not registered as “foreign” by our body because hyaluronic acid is a natural compound of skin. Thus it is well suited for injections as it efficiently binds water. The injected hyaluronic acid clings to the tissue, there are no disturbing thickenings or the like.

Calcium cream for face restructuring

Besides the often-used hyaluronic acid there is also calcium cream, whose substance structure is very similar to our bones. Calcium cream is also recognized as “proper” by our body. The cream is ideally suited for modeling. This type of treatment is still rather unknown in Germany since it originated from the USA. Ms. Dr. Barbara Sturm in Düsseldorf is one of the few aesthetic doctors who work with this substance in our country. Ms. Dr. Sturm advises against using fillers that are foreign to our body. Our body cannot degrade them and unwanted side effects are a frequent consequence.

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