What are ampoules?

We often get asked why our high-quality hyaluronic acid serum is sold in glass ampoules. At this point, we want to explain the advantages of ampoules and describe the application method in detail.

Glass ampoules: The ideal packaging for medical and cosmetic preparations

Ampoules made of glass are used as packaging for medical and cosmetic preparations all over the world. There are numerous advantages of the material and the small packaging: The filling of the ampoules takes place under optimal hygienic conditions. Glass can be heated up to over 1000 degree, so the closing of the ampoules can be performed completely sterile.

  • The preparation has contact solely with the glass. Since glass cannot react with the enclosed fluid, an interaction between packaging and content is excluded.
  • Many active agents like hyaluronic acid are relatively sensitive towards oxygen. Thus an airproof glass ampoule is ideal for the preparation. Hyaluronic acid can be stored over a longer period of time without any problems in there. Hyaluronic acid maintains its effectiveness even without preservatives for over two years.
  • After opening, the active agent is durable for two more days and a hundred per cent effective. Our very rich hyaluronic acid is enough for more than one application, thus you do not have to use an opened ampoule on just one day.
  • The small ampoules are very handy when travelling: they fit in every suitcase. Due to the small amount of fluid it is also no problem to carry the ampoules in the hand luggage.
  • We received feedback from some female customers that a re-closeable ampoule is desirable. Especially when travelling, an already opened ampoule could be packed in and used once more the next day. At the moment we are developing a new packaging solution, which also takes the desire for re-close ability into account.

Moisturizing care of Dr. Barbara Sturm

The intensive moisturizing care from the ampoule – our hyaluronic acid ampoules – is extraordinarily effective. The short-chained hyaluronic acid of Dr. Barbara Sturm penetrates especially deep into the skin. With our ampoules we provide a highly concentrated serum to effectively activate the moisture storage in the skin.

Application of hyaluronic acid ampoules

The application of our hyaluronic acid ampoules is actually very simple. Even though this involves a packaging made of glass, there is no risk of injury. The important point is that the content is never applied to the facial skin directly from the ampoule.

  1. Cleaning: clean your facial skin thoroughly and carefully (e.g. with the cleansing foam of Dr. Barbara Sturm), so you are well prepared for the moisturizing care.
  2. Open the glass ampoule: cover the neck of the ampule with a cleansing tissue and break it at the marked position. Thanks to the cleansing tissue, you cannot injure yourself.
  3. Remove the hyaluronic acid: trickle the hyaluronic acid serum on your hand. The best way is to slightly tab on the ampoule, then the active agent comes out of the glass packaging well portioned.
  4. Apply the active agent: distribute the hyaluronic acid with your fingertips in the face, on the neck and/or on the cleavage. When doing so you should gently massage the skin and thoroughly distribute the active agent. With this you enhance and speed up the penetration of the hyaluronic acid deeply into the skin.

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