Lifting without surgery

Lifting without surgery is possible. The result is convincing, lifting without surgery nearly always achieves a more natural effect than with the scalpel. For the gentle face-lift, Ms. Dr. Sturm in Düsseldorf combines a filler (e.g. hyaluronic acid) with Botox to achieve a holistic lifting. The goal is to rebuild the juvenile facial structure as well as defining the cheeks and the chin. Since unlike surgery, the skin is not tightened, eye shape and mouth width are not changed.

Gentle lifting with the Pix’L-Needle

With the dull Pix’L-Needle, which slides through the tissue below the skin, a gentle injection is possible. With this gentle type of treatment, bleedings and resulting from that bruises are very rare. The big advantage of lifting without surgery: one is never exposed to the exertions and risks of a general anesthetic and avoids cuts with the scalpel. Our patients enjoy leaving the doctor’s office without anyone noticing that there has been an intervention at all. They go out for a meal with friends on the Königsalle immediately after – and receive compliments for their good appearance.

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