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Skin of color

This line was born from a friendship and a shared passion for beauty. Informed by her daily work as an esthetic doctor and her scientific research, Dr. Barbara Sturm collaborated with the Golden Globe-winning actress Angela Bassett to formulate a luxury skincare range tailored to the essential dermatological needs and characteristics of skin of color. The collection combines state of the art scientific advances with nature and its potent active ingredients nourish the skin, reduce inflammation and hyper-pigmantation, and even the skin tone, while minimizing pores and helping to prevent breakouts.
Skin of Color

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Darker Skin TonesFace Cream

Darker Skin Tones
Face Cream

For an incomparably
beautiful complexion

50 ml
100 ml  430,00 $
Incl. 19% Tax
Darker Skin TonesFace Cream Rich

Darker Skin Tones
Face Cream Rich

Your daily richly textured
skin secret

50 ml
100 ml  460,00 $
Incl. 19% Tax

Darker Skin Tones
Hyaluronic Serum

Intensive moisture &
complexion refiner

30 ml
100 ml  1.000,00 $
Incl. 19% Tax
soc foam cleanser

Darker Skin Tones
Foam Cleanser

Cleanse & Rinse

150 ml
100 ml  46,67 $
Incl. 19% Tax
soc enzyme cleanser

Darker Skin Tones
Enzyme Cleanser

Foam & gentle peel in one

75 ml
100 ml  102,67 $
Incl. 19% Tax

The science behind

The aging of human skin is caused by multiple factors. Genetics play an important role, and also external and internal stresses (like pollution, sun exposure, smoking, cosmetic irritants…etc.), because they trigger inflammation which is a key factor of aging. Different skin types have specific needs and characteristics and so does skin of color (Fitzpatrick skin types V-VI): Skin of color’s additional melanin provides significant protection against both photo-aging and skin cancer. Its dermal architecture and barrier function is very robust, its dermis is thicker and firmer than in white skin. Skin of color is also comparatively more elastic. Yet it tends to have larger pores, more sebum flow and it has a heightened susceptibility to inflammation, which commonly leads to the consequence of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration concerns.

The base of all Dr. Sturm skin products is built around anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, cellular nourishment and rejuvenation. To address the particular challenges of darker skin tones, especially inflammation and its consequences, Angela & Barbara carefully selected and added powerful natural ingredients that had been shown in clinical trials to have potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and wound healing properties as well as compounds that would even skin tone and that could help skin both visually and at the cellular level.

„The result is what Angela and I believe are truly beautiful and effective products for skin of color.“ (Dr. Barbara Sturm)


    Magnolia bark contains two potent anti-inflammatory substances, Magnolol and Honokiol which synergistically inhibit the activation of NF-KB, a key mediator in both inflammatory and aging processes. It can protect skin against chronic inflammation, neutralizes internal aging factors and evens skin tone.
    reduces pore size and shine and refines skin grain and is an efficient treatment for oily skin. The special plant extract (Enantia chlorantha) contains protoberberines, associated with oleonic acid and controls the sebum flux acting on the number of sebocytes.
  • Lumicol
    is an instant and gradual skin brightener. It is an extract of micro algae and gives the skin an instant even, luminous and mat complexion with no white residue, and brings a physiological lightening effect. It helps decrease the amount of melanin in the skin by stabilizing tyrosinase in its inactive form.
    is an intensely moisturizing substance that naturally occurs in human tissues, but diminishes with age. Hyaluronic acid is the most intensice hydrator of the skin and helps prevent moisture loss.
  • Lactil
    is a blend of humectants in aqueous solution as a substitute for the “Natural Moisturizing Factor” (NMF) of human skin.
    a potent plant-based compound and key ingredient in all Dr. Barbara Sturm products with tremendous anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties up-regulating the youth enzyme Telomerase.

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